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Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we engineer different wedge types with the right size, shape, and technologies for every kind of golfer. Our philosphy propels wedge innovation for every level of golfer so that no matter how you play, your short game will benefit from Cleveland Golf Wedges.





Versatility or forgiveness

max versatility


max forgiveness

rtx6 zipcore

The RTX Series has all the options and features maximum versatility to execute an array of shots. Get more versatility with more grinds and less bounce.

  • Maximum Versatility
  • 3 Sole Grinds
  • All-New Dynamic Gold Spinner Shaft

Cleveland cbx4 Zipcore

The Cleveland CBX Series offers the perfect blend of both in a packaged designed for the 84% of golfers who play cavity back irons.

  • Blend of Forgiveness and Versatility
  • Hollow Cavity Construction
  • 3 Loft-Specific Sole Grinds

Smart Sole Full-Face

The Smart Sole series offers max forgiveness with improved bunker play and chipping. Getting up and down from any lie is easier with Feel Balancing Technology.

  • Ultimate Forgiveness and Ease of Use
  • Extra Large, Cavity Back Construction
  • Super Wide Sole for Bunker Shots

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