Go big or get it close? Yes, please.

With all-new ZipCore XL Irons, you get both.

AI-designed MainFrame faces and weighting, along with our legendary ZipCore technology, combine to deliver all of the power, control, and confidence you need to hit it far and stick it close without fail.

Oh, and did we mention they look darn good

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XL Head Design

A bigger head allows us to position more mass away from the center of the club for more MOI. That MOI boosts forgiveness to levels that help all your shots launch high and fly straight.


Our proprietary dynamic blast and laser-milled line system creates roughness to enhance friction, optimizing spin for distance with long Irons and control with short Irons.


MainFrame in the 4i–7i is a system of channels and cavities carefully milled into the backside of ZipCore XL Iron faces to maximize flex at impact. Boosting COR while also repositioning mass for a lower CG, MainFrame creates faster ball speed plus more consistency and forgiveness.

V-Shaped Sole

To help ZipCore XL quickly get through the turf and ensure a crispy clean strike, we gave it a carefully crafted V-Shaped sole. With an elevated leading edge, these Irons can easily glide through the turf without dragging like a typical flat sole would, which helps you maintain all that power you generated throughout your swing. Meanwhile, a lower trailing edge on the back end still preserves some workability for shaping shots.


ZipCore Technology in the 8i–SW sets the Center of Gravity right where you strike the ball, giving you more consistent performance and enhanced forgiveness. And, by adding an abundance of high/ low and heel/toe MOI, you’ll enjoy increased feel and control.

Action Mass CB

An 8g weight tucked into the end of the shaft counterbalances the club for more control without extra effort. This counterweight helps the club feel lighter on takeaway and stay stable through impact.

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